Weekly Stock Picks – Ep 1

Kimberly-Clark Corp (KMB) – GOLD
  • Manufactures and markets a wide assortment of products including diapers, baby wipes, swim pants, feminine products, etc.
  • Price at close:
  • 52-week range: $109.67-136.21
  • EPS: 6.06
  • P/E: 19.37x
  • Annual Div: $3.88/3.24%
  • Ex-div: 12/7/17 (past)
  • Trend: trending upward at an even pace
  • High points: slightly below average price, within acceptable P/E ratio, relatively safe dividend
Energizer Holdings Inc. (ENR) – SILVER
  • Manufactures/distributes batteries and lighting products/automotive products
  • Price at close:
  • EPS: 3.21
  • P/E: 14.98x
  • Annual Div: $1.16/2.4%
  • Ex-Div: 11/29/17
  • Trend: trending upward (historically has high Q1 results)
  • High points: ideal P/E ratio, safe dividend (although on the lower yield), high price to be expected on Q1 earnings release (quick capital gain can likely be realized)
Campbell Soup Co. (CPB) – BRONZE
  • Manufactures and markets food products such as soups, snacks, pasta sauces, Mexican sauces, etc.
  • Price at close:
  • EPS: 2.86
  • P/E: 17.21x
  • Annual Div: $1.40/2.82%
  • Ex-Div: 1/9/18
  • Trend: Solid Q1 earnings each year, then decreases before hitting highs once more in Q1 the following year
  • High points: predictable earnings w/ expected bump in price at end of Q1, within acceptable P/E ratio, safe dividend, easy to understand business

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